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Bye Moosaik.

By isendev.

 Posted on 2016/01/29 21:50.

 Tagged as: programming, mootools.

Unfortunately, I don't have time to adapt Moosaik to the new Instagram's API Sandbox model, and it's pretty clear that my Mootools based Instagram's browser would not pass the required review process. See Instagram's platform policy point 3:

"You cannot replicate the core user experience of the Instagram apps or web site. For example, do not build a media viewer."

Pretty clear, uh?

I'll put offline the web application in the next hour, but the source files will be available in the project page for anyone interested in snooping between lines of Mootools javascript code. I've learned a lot developing this application, so it may be useful to someone who is starting with Mootools.

SimpleBlogger Engine updated.

By isendev.

 Posted on 2015/02/07 22:41.

 Tagged as: programming, java, springframework, mootools.

Still here... :)

Lately I do not have much time available and this blog is a bit outdated. I hope that soon I can share some lines and photos about my current projects. Meanwhile I've updated the SimpleBlogger Engine that runs this site to use the latest versions of Spring Framework, Spring Security, EclipseLink and Mootools.

Ah! And I have just received my new Raspberry Pi 2 Model B. My precious quad-core little beast...

New version of Moosaik (v.0.7).

By isendev.

 Posted on 2014/03/11 22:33.

 Tagged as: programming, graphics, mootools.

I've updated Moosaik to version 0.7. Again, modifications in the Instagram API behaviour ("Popular" request has changed the number of images returned) have forced a layout redesign (4 x 5 tile distribution). A new version of Mootools Milkbox (3.0.3) has been uploaded too.

Moosaik v0.5.

By isendev.

 Posted on 2013/02/20 00:07.

 Tagged as: programming, graphics, mootools.

I've just updated Moosaik to version 0.5. The recent changes in the Instagram API behaviour have forced to a reduction of images requested per AJAX call and now the application exhibits a more simplified layout using a 4 x 4 tile distribution.

Meanwhile, Instagram has upgraded the web profiles, handling most of Instagram’s basic social features, like following users, leaving comments and liking photos. From your desktop web browser, now it's possible to do everything you do with your mobile application, except uploading new images ;)